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Waynesboro Tow Truck Waynesboro VAWhen you think of quality towing, the first name you should think of in Waynesboro, VA, is Waynesboro Tow Truck. For years, we have been in the towing industry and have named ourselves the go-to towing service in the region. From towing services to roadside assistance services, our fleet of tow trucks is here for you! Here is a little more about the services we offer to all of our great clients in and around Waynesboro, VA.

Towing services

Heavy duty towing

If you are looking to move a big rig or a school bus, you are in luck. The Waynesboro Tow Truck team is here for you and has a fleet of heavy duty tow trucks that can help. No matter if you are a fleet vehicle or an independent operator, we can get you back to the yard or a mechanic with ease.

Medium duty towingtow truck in Waynesboro

When you are looking for medium duty towing services, look no further than the great people at Waynesboro Tow Truck. We have provided towing services for years and can assist with any work truck, cube van or anything in between. With our flatbed tow trucks, you will get back on-site in mere hours, not days!

Light duty towing

Light duty towing has long been our bread and butter, and no matter if you are looking for a tow to a garage or your home, our team has you covered. With our light duty towing services, you will not have to break the bank to get your tow. Trust the experts, and call Waynesboro Tow Truck for all of your light duty towing needs.

towing company WaynesboroMotorcycle towing

If you are looking to get your bike to one place or another, the team at Waynesboro Tow Truck is your best choice. We have been moving motorcycles with our flatbed tow trucks for years and have the experience and expertise to get your baby to its location without so much as a scratch. Motorcycle towing is an art, and Waynesboro Tow Truck might be the Picasso located in Waynesboro, VA.

Long Distance towing

When you are looking to tow a vehicle across the region, the bottom line is the price. There are plenty of companies who can provide this service, but none of them price as aggressively as the Waynesboro Tow Truck team. Our regional long distance towing is second to none, and with accurate time tables and an even better price, it will be hard to find a better deal in the Waynesboro area.tow truck Waynesboro

Specialized towing

If you are looking to tow something a little unique, then the team at Waynesboro Tow Truck might be able to help. We have hauled everything from small equipment to construction equipment and even just pallets of cargo. If it fits on our flatbed tow trucks, the Waynesboro Tow Truck team can tow it! Call us today, and let us see what we can do.

Roadside Assistance Services via Tow Truck


Tire change service

roadside assistance Waynesboro VAIf you have blown a tire, or have a flat, skip the jack and call Waynesboro Tow Truck. Our drivers will not break pit crew records at the local tracks, but we will ensure your tire change is safe, efficient and painless.

Jump start service

If you are dealing with a dead battery, skip trying to find a stranger, and get a jump with Waynesboro Tow Truck. Our tow trucks are equipped with a powerful battery booster that will have you up and running in no time. Unlike traditional jumper cables, our booster will power your battery without a surge and thus protect your electronics during the jump.

Gas delivery service

When you are starting to run on empty, you might want to call Waynesboro Tow Truck. We have been the go-to gas delivery service for years, and we love offering this service. With our gas delivery services, you will only be charged a small delivery charge, and you can skip the mile-long walk to the next gas station. It is a win-win if we ever saw one.

Accident recoverytow truck in Waynesboro VA

If you have been in an accident, you need to do two things. First, make sure that everyone at the scene is ok, and second, you need to call Waynesboro Tow Truck. We have been providing accident recovery services for years and know the necessary police, insurance and body shops. No matter if you are dealing with a  fender bender or a significant accident, trust the team that works with Waynesboro First Responders the next time you need towing after an accident.

Lock out service

If you face a lockout situation, the best thing you can do is call Waynesboro Tow Truck as soon as possible. With our patented balloon technique, our drivers can gain access to your vehicle in mere minutes. Plus, with our bladder, your car will not have so much as a scratch on it, and you will get back in your vehicle before your ice cream melts on a hot summer day!

Junk Car removal

towing service WaynesboroIf you are looking to get rid of a junker, it might be time to call Waynesboro Tow Truck. We have been providing junk car removal services for years, and whether it is located in your garage, driveway or yard, our experienced drivers can recover it and get rid of it for good. Plus, with Waynesboro Tow Truck’s cash for junk car program, you will enjoy top dollar for your junk car!

If you are looking for quality towing services in and around Waynesboro, VA, then it is about time that we chatted. As the premier towing service in the region, Waynesboro Tow Truck is proud to serve this great community. Plus, with 24/7 towing services and roadside assistance services, you cannot find a better towing company in the area. As well, we make paying easy, and offer cash and accept all major credit cards. Why worry about finding an ATM when you can call the experts at Waynesboro Tow Truck for all your towing needs and pay by plastic. Give us a call today, and experience a quality towing experience with Waynesboro Tow Truck.

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